13 Apr 2010

Let’s turn the “Automatic Mode” off

My dear friends welcome! It’s a pleasure to find you here again, in this planet of Light.

I hope you are all well, even though I imagine that you are all going through crazy times, just as I am.

The World keeps on turning and it seems to go faster and faster every day. And it does not stop, even when we might be feeling like we want to push “pause” and get out of the work for a while.
The relativity of time is something that becomes clearer for me day by day, there are days which seem eternal, while some others seem so so short. I know you know what I mean, we’ve all been there.

The daily tasks, home, work, family, friends, various commitments and the essential needs of life sometimes make us fall into a routine which puts us under “automatic mode”, and things seem to get much worse when something within the routine goes wrong, or something changes. Then; we feel lost, disoriented, time seems way too short and we just do not know what to do.

Nevertheless, these “changes” of routine may be just what we need. Perhaps a way of getting out of “automatic mode”, open our eyes, feel again and look around to see where our life is heading to. It isn’t a good sign for us to feel “lost” when out of automatic mode. We are adventurers, we’re pioneers, we are traveler souls, change and breaking the routine is part of who we are, so why don’t we just look inside ourselves and keep silent for a moment, to release the voice of that adventurous soul and give it back the helm of our lives?, thus turning off the automatic mode. Don’t you see that this is the reason why sometimes we feel like we want to “get off” this world? Because under automatic mode everything turns monotone, it tires us, it blinds us, we no longer see, nothing is new, nothing is interesting, so we feel drained and we want to disconnect from everything and everyone.

But the adventurous soul within us does not get tired, it feeds from everything around, breathes energy out of the air and enriches him/herself. There is much richness around us, many colors, many new places, many people, many blessings, and most of all; so much love. When we feel this, all of the changes, “problems” and challenges become more manageable, simpler and exciting, and so we enjoy once more the path we chose, because when we take the blinders off, we are able to recognize our own creation.

Come one, let’s feel again, let’s turn the “automatic mode” off!

28 Mar 2010

The earthquake that shook our hearts

My dear friends, welcome again to this Light Planet. I am bringing an interesting subject to our conversation, I cant help but sharing with you my take on the Earthquake that hit my country this past February.

The recent great earthquake that struck Chile this past 27th of February did not only turn towns, walls and houses down, it also shook our hearts. The images of destruction, fear, deep desolation and helplessness were all around, even in those places where no physical or structural damage was visible.

The earthquake shook our hearts and souls. All of a sudden people felt helpless, small, full of fear; fear for their lives, the lives of their loved ones, fear of losing the fruit of their work, their homes and everything they held most dear. Some remembered friends and relationships that have been neglected for a long time, some others had regrets and realised they were not ready to go just yet. But also, it made neighbours that had never exchanged a word; finally speak, help and support each other, it reminded us that we are all human beings, that we are not that different from each other, that we all share the same land and the same planet, what happened in Haiti no longer seemed so distant.

Soon enough, the only important thing was to be alive and well, love and be loved, material things lost their value, it was all about being grateful for being alive.

I was lucky enough to participate in an amazing event, the Telethon in aid of those who suffered the most and I can clearly say I saw many “angels” in action that day. The whole country got together for over 24 hours, putting all their efforts give as much as they could give, money, food, clothes but many others just got themselves to the most affected areas and started chatting to the people, offering a hand and a shoulder. Surely we all agree that it would be nice not to have to go through all of this for people to be nicer to each other, but I guess most people are still hanging from Drama, which sometimes proves to be necessary for a major change.

It has been one month since the earthquake, and even though in the streets of big cities like Santiago it looks as if nothing had ever happened, there are still many people in need out there, the country still gets back into awareness with the -still- constant after shakes, we simply can’t forget this.

After this earthquake, personally; I have started to check what was left broken inside of me, or which are the walls that broke down giving me the oportunity to build something new. To all of you, residents of Planet Earth, I invite you to do this exercise, you may not live in Chile but hey, Earth is still Shaking!

Until the next time!

25 Feb 2010

The power of Forgiveness

Hi my dear friends, welcome once more to The Light Planet!

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about forgiveness, yes, forgiveness my dears, as others have said before “to forgive is divine”, but Oh what a challenge it is!, is it not?

We have all found ourselves facing a situation where we have been affected by somebody else’s acts, whatever the sort, we have all at some point received an apology and the request for forgiveness from someone who has harmed us in any way. But surely we have also found ourselves in the other side of the street, where we have been the ones to have harmed someone, and asking for forgiveness.

How noble is the act of asking for forgiveness, admitting our mistake, becoming more humble in front of others and asking for compassion. For he who asks for forgiveness from his heart; does not seek to justify himself, he who really asks for forgiveness does not request comprehension and understanding, but only compassion, acknowledging that his/her actions have caused a non-desired effect, and most likely, a proper damage to a beloved one.

To ask for, and give forgiveness, frees us, takes a heavy weight away, relieves us, allows us to learn, takes us farther and farther from pain, it connects us with compassion, empathy and also with our humbleness, for to ask for forgiveness and forgive we must become conscious that we all need forgives at some point and also that we all deserve a second chance.

To forgive, as an act of liberation, is to “let go”, “release” that offence or damage, give it away until forgetting it, make it part of the past. Perhaps this is the reason why we find forgiveness hard, because we find it hard to forget, to let go, but, do we really want this rancor and resentment in our emotional baggage?, do we truly want to carry it around with us and make it part of our daily lives?

Thinking about forgiveness, I wanted to know more and I learnt the following: Forgive its composed by:

for” (exact translation of the Latin “par” meaning: by) and “give” (translation from the Latin “donāre” meaning: give, gift, donation)

Even in its etymology, forgiveness declares itself as a “gift”, as donning, delivering a gift voluntarily. ‘By gift or by grace‘, we forgive others, which at the same time frees us. How noble it is to forgive and how wide its field of action! If I had to describe it physically, I would say it’s a soft, pleasant and refreshing balsam that soothes the soul of he who asks for forgiveness as of he who gives it.

From the depth of my heart I wish us all to always be able to ask for forgiveness and give forgiveness when required, emptying so our baggage, releasing the heavy weights and keeping with us only that which enlightens and lifts us.

Receive a BIG hug!

18 Jan 2010

Alone or By Yourself?!

Greetings my dear friends! Welcome once again to The Planet Light!

In the southern emisphere we are enjoying summer and vacations time, free time, beaches, sun, fun, time to release all the tensions we have accumulated during the year gone, whether due to our job or studies. Many of you may be wondering what to do with this time, if you don’t have a plan already.

Surely all of you have a long list of pending things, all of those things you have been wanting and meaning to do but you have not had the time to, nevertheless, I imagine that very few of you have added "Spend some time on my own" to the list. This is probably because 'Loneliness' is not very much appreciated, many actually fear it and run away from it, however Loneliness can be very beneficial if we take it in moderation.

To spend a reasonable quantity of time on your won, whether it is to think, clear up your mind, get away from the noise and the influences around us, maybe to simply enjoy a beautiful day in the open, to do nothing at all and just enjoy BEING here and now. This is something we should all be capable of doing. Being with yourself is not really being 'Alone', you can have hundreds of people around and still feel alone. Taking some time by yourself benefits your internal communication, your capacity to to listen to yourself, to your feelings, heart and body, all of which are always sending signals, but we hardly ever hear them because we are always distracted or busy with something else.

The time spent on your own can bring wonderful moments, moments of clarity, brilliance, answers to questions you kept unanswered, and ultimately; the satisfaction of knowing that you are capable of creating an internal dialogue and be with yourself without despair and without feeling depressed. A wise one said: "The only person who stays with you for the rest of your life is yourself", hence the relationship with ourselves should be the best kept relationship of all.

When we speak about Loneliness, like many other things in this world, the reaction will be directly linked to a matter of concepts. What does it mean for you to be Alone?, is it perhaps the same as being on your own?. Personally, I think we are never really 'Alone', whether we notice it, whether we see it (or want to see it) or not, there is always someone ready and willing to listen to us, to be there for us. We can alone due to many factors, situations and we might perceive it as something negative, but we are never truly alone. However, from my perspective, 'on your own' is more of a choice, its to decide to be with yourself or spend some time on your own for whatever reason, and we might perceive it in a positive way, as the desire of being with yourself and be willing to appreciate it.

I invite you all to consider Loneliness for a moment, as to identify what sort of definition we have given it within ourselves and our lives, identify is we perceive this definitions are 'negative' or 'postive'.

Finaly, let's not forget that nothing is really 'postive' or 'negative', everything just IS, and its us who are used to catalog everything that comes to us, to put labels and judge. Perhaps we could experiment to acept that everything is in a pure and neutral state, treat things as row material, give it shape with our best intentions and see what we are capable of create.

I send you all big warm hugs and we will meet again soon!

12 Jan 2010

Light, Camera, Action!

My dear friends, welcome once more to The Light Planet!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year celebration to give the warmest welcome to the starting year.

As a new year starts we renew our expectations and create new ideals about life and about ourselves. We wish to start the year well and so the first days we endeavour to be “better”, hoping to keep our renewed attitude during the rest of the year.

But many times our endeavours do not succeed, as the time goes by we tend to forget about our new year resolutions and we fall back to the same old routine, that which we promise ourselves we would change, that which we feel should be the reflexion of the path we want to follow, yes, that one which never really supports the vision of the life we wish to create.

At which point do we let go of that happy vision of ourselves?, what makes us forget out resolutions?, can we stop it?

If we are able to find the answers to the first and second questions, then we have already half the way in. It is important to identify the source of any action that creates a reaction within us. Each and every one of us is responsible and owner of him/herself, and therefore, the only Director of one’s life. The Director that is capable of change the script at his wish and desire, the one who plays in the constant search for characters and tools to recreate the situations he crafts in his mind, with which he can give birth to his master piece.

Just like this movie director, we are able to modify anything we wish or need to change. We can not change others, for each is owner of him/herself, but we can definitely change our attitude towards them, which modifies the dynamic of the interaction with others creating a new way of communicating and completely changing the outcome of our actions without trying to change them.

If we are not happy with the script, let’s change it, let’s give it a new sense, let’s change the characters if necessary, let’s play! Keep in mind that nothing else directs your life, not the stars, not the movement of the planets either, for that job is entirely yours and so your will shall overcome.

So, are you ready? Light, Camera, Action!

11 Jan 2010

The Treasure Map

Welcome once more to The Light Planet! May the regenerating and energizing light of this planet which you and I have created, enfold you to renew your energies!

We are getting close to the end of yet another solar cycle, the end of another year alive. Its always a nostalgic event, but it is also an opportunity to take a look at our life, to look at the way we react in front of difficulties, the way we treat ourselves and others. It is also a good opportunity to check how close or far we are from the path we have set for ourselves.

For me, 2009 has been an excellent year. I have learnt so much, I have met wonderful people, I have been to places I had never been before and re-visited some dear places. I have laughed, I have cried, I have danced, ran, jumped, worked, travelled, I have been sure, I have doubted, I have lost and found myself, I have watched, and I have closed my eyes, I have spoken and I have silenced myself. This 2009 I was able to explore unknown facets of myself , this year was a real adventure!

As usual, at the end of 2008 I made a list of all the things I expected of 2009, and I have been able to make a happy revision, watching my hopes materialize, seeing how I was able to overcome the obstacles and so, I reached the end of 2009 with a smile on my face.

With all this, I have realised how important it is for us to know what we want, what we wish to create in our lives. Even if we are sure of almost nothing, even if we don’t really how to get the tools we need or how to reach our goals; the most important thing is to know what we want, for only then we can start moving forward, identifying and grabbing those opportunities which arise and might help us to reach our destination. Only so we can hope to be closer to create what we wish for ourselves and, eventually reach it! Otherwise, life merely passes us by and we wonder from one point to another waiting for some sign to show us the way, a sign that may or may not come, and if it doesn’t we end up feeling we have been living in vane…

Only the one who seeks finds! Only the one who sets a destination eventually reaches it! If you may, please do consider these words for a moment.

I invite you all to make a summary list of your life during 2009, your experiences and lessons and then, create another list with all of the experiences and lessons you wish for yourselves on 2010, and all of your goals, whether they are material, spiritual or a mixture of both. The important thing is to be able to identify your soul‘s desire, listen to your heart, and soon this list will become the Treasure Map for 2010, kept it close to you, check it from time to time during the year to get you back on the path towards your treasure, the one you have buried for yourself, to be found during 2010.

Big hugs to you all, until our next encounter!