25 May 2009

Anxiety and Crisis...

Dear friends, welcome once more!

I know this is not new, we see it on the TV, we hear it on the Radio, we read it on the papers: “This is a hard time”, “We are in recession”, “We are going through a Crisis”, there are different ways to write it, but the message relayed is the same, it is everywhere, doesn’t matter how hard we try to ignore it.

Are you already feeling the anxiety taking over, every time more frequently? It would surprise you to know the big amount of people feeling extremely anxious, feeling confused and lost, and this message, the one that follows us everywhere, only helps feed this uncertainty creating within us a kind of anxiety we had never experienced before.

I watch people and listen to them wondering for how long they will remain in their jobs, whether they will be able to pursue the career they dream of, whether they will be able to afford the school they want their kids to study at, and others wonder whether the life they lead now is still the life they WANT to lead, or if they should make changes…there is a big deal of confusion and uncertainty, and even though most people think they are alone on this, the truth is that more and more of people share this feeling.

As I ponder this I wonder; where is the self-esteem, the trust, the faith?, since when our lives’ destiny depends on the headlines and the ups and downs of the banks?, aren’t we all unique beings, with our own special qualities and talents, who stand in our own feet and everyday decide how we are going to live our lives? I have come to the conclusion that the trust in ourselves is the answer. Self trust is the only solution to beat this anxiety.

When you trust yourself, there is no room for doubts, you know you are doing the right thing, in the right place, at the right time, you know that you are a unique being and that you are here, living this experience, because of your own decision, and that you and only you are responsible for your life, for every decision, for every thought, for every word and for every step you take, and therefore; you and only you are able to decide what you want to experience, and more importantly: HOW you want to experience it.

How do you choose to experience this phase of your life? The times we are living in are different, chaotic for some, exciting for others, how do YOU choose to live this?, do you choose to be part of the side where everyone has agreed that this is a big crisis, difficult and tough, and so they are willing to suffer?, or do you choose to be part of the other side (the less crowded one), who believe these times are just the beginning of the change the world needs to re-start and create new and better ways, new and better systems, and new opportunities?

We can open the door to anxiety and allow it to be our guest, to control and limit us, or we can trust ourselves, trust that we are exactly where we need to be, trust that we are not leading ourselves astray and we can choose to turn every single day into a new personal adventure so we can rediscover the things that, up until today, we have been taking for granted. At the same time, we can look around, look at the people we care about and see how many of them are living with anxiety as their guest, surely they are more than what we now think. And we must not forget that the best way to help them, is by being standards, by setting the example in our own lives, showing them with acts that it is indeed possible to live in these times with a smile upon our faces. Love yourself, take good care of yourself, be patient and tolerant with YOU, and trust yourself, for nobody else will do this for you, and just by being at peace with oneself can one be a standard, an example and a beacon of light for those around.

I leave you with this small reflexion and I send each an every one of you a BIG hug!

May the light always shine upon you to illuminate your path!