15 Mar 2009

What is your Passion?

Hello again! Welcome once more to The Light Planet, this safe and quiet place that has been created for you, to take a break from your daily life whenever you need it, a place where you can rest and be enfold in energy and light.

Surely you have hear many times about “Passion”, in fact the word is used quite often, sometimes within a romantic context, others within a life story context, motivations, and even sometimes Passion is referred to as a goal, a destination.

This time I would like us to talk about Passion as we would of a fire that lightens our spirit, as the fuel that activates the motors of our imagination, giving wings to our creativity to soar up high and guide our actions, so we can create the necessary conditions to lead the life we want.

I feel particularly curious today, and I would like to know; What is your Passion?, Do you have more than one? How does your Passion look like?, What does it move within you?, Which decisions have you made guided by a passion or soul desire?

We all have Passions, some are more “Passionate” than others, or perhaps they just pay more attention to their feelings and desires, but eventually, we all have at least one Passion.

Passion can be, for some, that strength that comes out of nowhere, and makes us discuss a point of view rather heatedly, or inspires us to run a couple more miles when we are exhausted, to fight for an idea, a dream, to passionately battle for a beloved one, to create the perfect solution out of nowhere when everything seemed lost. To identify that which awakens our Passion, is to identify our Passion.

When we awaken our Passion, when we do something with Passion, we instinctively put the best of ourselves to work, we feel joyful, with our chest full of extra air, our heart suddenly feels bigger, no obstacle is big enough, no excuse is good enough, there is no reason that can stop us. When we “turn-on” Passion, we see no limits, there is nothing we can not do, nothing is missing, everything just seems to be enough, to adjust itself perfectly, and the satisfaction we experience when we are done, it’s indescribable, we can’t put it into words, it is more like a feeling, an emotion that enfolds us and lightens our aura.

Try to recall a moment where you have felt this way, breath deeply and try to go into that moment, visit it, re-live it, feel it…what was it about that moment that awoke you Passion then?.
Ahhh haaa…. There you go, you have found a Passion! Is that it, or are there more? Visit each and every moment you can remember and take note of each one in order to identify what situations, ideas, thoughts and feelings have motivated your Passion each time.

Use this knowledge from now on, to look for your Passions in your life, in your NOW moment, search those Passions, follow them, then create moments that include your Passions and soon you will see that everything you do becomes more pleasurable, lighter, clearer, more interesting, happier and funnier. Then you will be creating the life you want, with the experiences you want to live, creating situations where you will attrack to you the people you have been looking for, living and feeling that which you desire.

Look for your Passion, reach out, catch it….and don’t lose it!!!

Big hugs and until next time!