5 Feb 2011

Right & Wrong

Recently a good friend of mine told me what she announced as a horrible deed she had committed, before she told me; she was already warning me that she would never do it again and I could feel how worried and confused she was.

While she was telling me her story, there were moments where she admitted that the whole experience had been enjoyable but she kept on saying she “knew” it was “WRONG”

But according to WHO was this experience WRONG? This reminded me of all the pre-conceptions, judgments and beliefs we carry around, and they are not even ours! We have inherited so much of this baggage from what we have been taught and told. Very few people actually endorse their own beliefs and live according to them because they have decided to do so.

But what happens with the rest? The rest just accepts them and tries to live up to them at the best of their abilities, but isn’t that exactly the kind of pattern, the kind of attitude and conformism that creates the increasingly high rates of unhappiness and depression in the world today?

The experience my friend shared with me, was by far one of the best things that could have happened to her, why? Because for the first time in her entire life, she dared to leave absolutely all of the pre-conceptions, judgments and inherited beliefs she was carrying around and surrendered completely to herself, she embraced self-trust and gave a massive step towards her own growth and evolution. For the first time, her own voice was ‘speaking’ lauder than everyone else’s!

Unfortunately, my poor friend soon enough put back on her backpack full of everything she had just summed the courage to leave behind, even if for a moment. And she felt the heavy weight of the backpack once more, suddenly her recent experience was now looked at through judgment-full eyes and her worse fears came over her. She felt bad, she felt worthless and utterly confused.

Soon she will realize that this experience is something she will remember as the first big leap on the way to hearing her own voice, to finally be herself despite the world.

How heavy is your backpack today?
How much of the contents are truly yours?
Whose voice speaks lauder?
Whose voice are you listening to?

This, being YOUR life, the only life you truly own; shouldn’t it be your own voice the one to lead you?

As far as I am concerned; I am going to let my voice scream out laud so I may never fail to hear it!