18 Jan 2011

Happy by Choice

Today I crossed roads with a tall, thin, smiley man on the street, on my way back home.

The man smiled at me as I looked at him, and said;

- “Hi, how are you?

- “I am OK..I guess..”, I replied while a flash of my day up until then came to mind; I had totally hated the day, it started bad with some domestic problems, which then increased and irritated me beyond words. Nevertheless, that didn’t take away my manners so I asked;

- “..and yourself?

- “Good, good, I have had nothing but green lights on my way, and it was a long hot hot day, but it was good, so I am happy” he replied, as we shared the walkway. I said;

- “well that’s good, and all those green traffic lights must be a good sign”, he smiled and mentioned again how hot and long the day seemed and thinking about me in my office, I didn’t really take a break so didn’t notice if it was sunny or not, if it was hot or not, so I asked;

- “what do you do?” and he raised an arm and showed me a shoeshine box he was carrying, it was painted in white and with black letters it said “Happy By Choice”

- “Oh, that’s a nice name, I said

- “I choose to be Happy” he added as he smiled.

Our little casual conversation continued as we crossed the street and then in the corner we parted ways, not before he said;

- “you should come around and bring me some shoes when you can”, to which I replied:

- “sure, where are you located at?

- “555 Ocean, at the Big US Bank and Fedex” he said, it was actually right behind us, I said:

- “I know where it is, I’ll see you around then, have a good night”, he said:

- “you have a good night too lady, God bless you

It does suck when things don’t work exactly as one would want them to, when one would want them to, yet I realized is not enough reason to let that ruin a perfectly good brand new day.
I didn’t even notice the green traffic lights, I forgot to notice the nice fresh breeze that blows here beside the ocean.
I didn’t really pay attention when before leaving the office my colleague said to me; “Well done, you did a good job”.
SO today some things did not work exactly how I wanted them, exactly when I wanted them, SO I became upset and didn’t even take a break, as if I was punishing myself for something that is totally out of my control.

How stupid is that? Why should I feel anything but happy?

This man has reminded me of all those things I know but I sometimes tend to forget.

The day is not over yet, so before it goes I just want to say: I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!!!

And, should you happen to pass by 555 Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach, you might want to get your shoes shinning.