27 Jan 2009

Welcome to The Light Planet!

We are very pleased to have you here! If you got here means that you have said "NO" to Misery, Pain, Troubles, Headaches, Deceptions....and want a fresh new start.

Let me tell you that this planet has lots of space, the weather here is wonderful as well, always sunny, low humidity, plenty of land, fresh air, water supply and food, and the best thing is, you can stay for as long as you want, and if for any reason you have to leave, don't worry! You are always welcome back and your "hut" here will always be reserved especially for you.

All Huts have the view of your preference, we have mountains, rainforest, valleys, deserts, beaches, a lake district, a beautiful city and lots of parks and vegetation. So please feel free to choose.

During your stay, whether is a couple of minutes, or a lifetime, you will be provided with all the light you need in order to stay well centered, healthy, and happy. The light supply here is unlimited, and as light is also energy, soon you will learn to use it in order to create whatever you need to make your life more enjoyable.

And yes!...you can invite your friends and family, there is room for everyone!

Once again, WELCOME, may you have a wonderful time here!

Lots of light!!!


  1. Hello my lovely!:o)

    Thank you for the welcome. This is fantastic!! I can't wait to spend time on Planet Light.:) Did you really get the idea after our conversation yesterday? Then I'm glad it wasn't wasted time...

    Hmm, have you thought about linking the DDoG to this blog? Not sure about copyright issues, though... But I'm sure this would complement the blog beautifully.:)

    A big hug from your biggest fan. x

  2. PS: Yes, one permanent VISA for me, please.:))