7 Aug 2009

In the Face of Change

Hello my dear friends, it has been a while since our last meeting here and I hope you all have had a good time, living the lives you have chosen to live and which you create every morning, every hour, every minute, and even every second.

Change oh Change. It’s everywhere, we can deny it, we can’t ignore it, we can’t pretend its not there. It’s in the news, it’s at work, it’s amongst your friends and family, it’s at home and more than anything, within you and your life.

Everything is changing at a rapid pace whether we see it, like it, appreciate it or not.Now, change is constant, stable and necessary, most people consider it positive too but, do we really know how to handle it? I thought we could talk about this on this occasion.

We know that change is the only thing that is certain apart from death, we know it and still we fear it tremendously. In the face of change we go through what I call this little “amnesia” phase, where we completely forget who we truly are, what we have accomplished, how loved and supported by our loved ones we are, and we suddenly become this helpless, fearful, clumsy and lonely, tiny little person, who feels totally lost.

Uncertainty and anxiety take over and we no longer know how to handle things. We start looking for information, guidance and direction almost everywhere, we think of every possible person who can help shine a light in our doubts and concerns, people with whom you haven’t spoken to for years, even some stranger would do.

We look everywhere, everywhere but within ourselves. For is only you who truly knows all the variables, all the fears, all the desires, all the pros, all the contras, all the tools, all the doubts…who could possibly judge better? There is nothing wrong in looking for opinions, especially from the people who care about you the most, but you must know my friend, they won’t solve it for you and ultimately; they simply can’t.

So what do we do? We go back to what we already know: TRUST.
You know it, I know it; you must trust yourself. If you truly are the creator of your own life, if its you who has made every choice in your life, then you are the one responsible for creating this chance, this opportunity, for what is change if not an extra way on your road, one that offers a new road, with new possibilities and new findings. You can always choose not to follow this road and continue on the same path, it’s all about choices and what to do is totally up to you. If change knocks on your door, it’s probably the right time for you to consider a change, but in the end you and only you decide whether you are really ready to take it or not.

We can decide to waste time and energy worrying about it, or we can invest it on checking the possibilities. We can escape from it doing whatever we want to do, hoping it will go away, or we can face it and truly look inside ourselves searching for directions, searching for something that rings true, looking for the reasons that brought this change in front of our door.

Measure your options; look at your possibilities; get opinions if you will, but above all: make sure you ask and truly listen to the one person whose opinion really matter: YOU.
For no one else can live your life, for no one else can make your choices, for no one else can replace you.

Good luck with handling the changes that knock on your door.

Big hugs to all of you.