13 Apr 2010

Let’s turn the “Automatic Mode” off

My dear friends welcome! It’s a pleasure to find you here again, in this planet of Light.

I hope you are all well, even though I imagine that you are all going through crazy times, just as I am.

The World keeps on turning and it seems to go faster and faster every day. And it does not stop, even when we might be feeling like we want to push “pause” and get out of the work for a while.
The relativity of time is something that becomes clearer for me day by day, there are days which seem eternal, while some others seem so so short. I know you know what I mean, we’ve all been there.

The daily tasks, home, work, family, friends, various commitments and the essential needs of life sometimes make us fall into a routine which puts us under “automatic mode”, and things seem to get much worse when something within the routine goes wrong, or something changes. Then; we feel lost, disoriented, time seems way too short and we just do not know what to do.

Nevertheless, these “changes” of routine may be just what we need. Perhaps a way of getting out of “automatic mode”, open our eyes, feel again and look around to see where our life is heading to. It isn’t a good sign for us to feel “lost” when out of automatic mode. We are adventurers, we’re pioneers, we are traveler souls, change and breaking the routine is part of who we are, so why don’t we just look inside ourselves and keep silent for a moment, to release the voice of that adventurous soul and give it back the helm of our lives?, thus turning off the automatic mode. Don’t you see that this is the reason why sometimes we feel like we want to “get off” this world? Because under automatic mode everything turns monotone, it tires us, it blinds us, we no longer see, nothing is new, nothing is interesting, so we feel drained and we want to disconnect from everything and everyone.

But the adventurous soul within us does not get tired, it feeds from everything around, breathes energy out of the air and enriches him/herself. There is much richness around us, many colors, many new places, many people, many blessings, and most of all; so much love. When we feel this, all of the changes, “problems” and challenges become more manageable, simpler and exciting, and so we enjoy once more the path we chose, because when we take the blinders off, we are able to recognize our own creation.

Come one, let’s feel again, let’s turn the “automatic mode” off!