12 Apr 2009

A Memory Exercise

Hello my dear friends, residents of The Light Planet. I hope that you are all well and full of joy, enjoying your lives.

Today, while talking to a dear friend of mine -also an occasional resident of this planet-, I became aware of the huge amount of energy and time that we all spend criticizing ourselves, preaching and punishing ourselves because we feel we are not “good enough” and that we are not accomplishing or obtaining all that we wish for ourselves. But, How much time and energy do we spend congratulating ourselves, giving us a gift, or a nice pat on the back saying “well done”?

Why are we so good at criticizing ourselves, but when we do something right we merely accept it and soon we forget it?

I really believe that we should all do a memory exercise here, by looking back at your life 10 or 5 years ago, look at what your dreams were then, look at the things you wanted to accomplish or obtain, look at your hopes… I bet that you actually accomplished or obtained most, if not all, of the things you wanted then, which are now part of your present life. So, How many times do you remember this and you congratulate yourself for it?

Of course, I understand, perhaps all of that which you once wanted, is no longer what you currently want, but then; why punish or push yourself for not having NOW that which you NOW want?, why not simply trust that you are currently working to SOON obtain that which you want NOW?. If this little Memory Exercise proofs that you have actually obtained or accomplish some or most of that which you wanted at some point, what makes you think that you shall not continue accomplishing and obtaining anything you may want for yourself?, why should it be different now?, why don’t you just trust yourself?

Give yourself time, and please do give yourself a bit more credit my friend!

When facts prove effectiveness, you must trust that the results will continue being effective.


With this, I would like to invite you all to do this little Memory Exercise, to congratulate yourselves more, to be more caring, more loving, more patient and more compassionate with YOU.

2 Apr 2009

Autumn Tree Leaves

Good day!
How are you? I hope its all well.

Here, at the southern hemisphere, we are starting to feel the arrival of the autumn, mornings are cloudier, the nights are cooler, the leaves of the trees are losing their green, and changing to a brown colour instead. Soon those leaves will depart from this life, to adorn beautifully our landscapes and open the door for the winter to come. In other words, we know those leaves will die, but the truth is that they are just closing a cycle, giving the next step, because life flows, everlastingly so, just as it should be.

This has got me thinking about all the things that die within us when summer is over. For many, the autumn and winter are sad seasons, during which they allow themselves to fall into deep depressions, for others these are periods of introspection, to spend more time at home or with their loved ones, and yet for others, this is simply another season, a new landscape to enjoy and experience in life.

If you could choose which “leaves” shall die from you “tree” during this autumn, to open the way to new branches from which new leaves shall be born; new talents; new dreams; new goals; new hopes; which “leaves” would you choose? Perhaps the fear to the new, or sad memories from the past, maybe those dark feelings for that one who made you suffer, the sadness you keep for those things you never got or achieved, or maybe to let go of those things/people you lost…I believe that, as the big, unique and beautiful trees we all are, we have way too many leaves, and perhaps this is the perfect timing to get rid of some of them, as if we do this, we will be able to create new, more colourful, lighter and more loving leaves for spring.

With this, I want to invite you to open your windows, allow the breeze of change to blow while we select those leaves, which have been with us for so long, half dead and finally let them go. Lets allow the autumn breeze to push them loose and take them to decorate new landscapes for as long as they last, creating so the room within us to create new beautiful leaves to show in Spring.

A BIG hug to each and every one of you, and tons of light to illuminate your path!