18 Oct 2009

Where are you now?

Hello my dear friends, we find each other here once more, in this safe space, which we have created together.

The world outside keeps on spinning, the sun and the moon still visit us daily, impressing us with their splendor and light. But, where are we today?

I think, and feel that it is important to ask this question today. Where are we?, where are YOU?, living a life you have chosen and created for yourself, or living a life where everybody around you is more responsible for your own life than you?

Are you in a life where you are in control and decide your own course, or in a life where you are just a follower of the majority, even if that means going against your wishes and principles?

It is necessary to know where you are now, for only in the Now you can decide, only in the Now you can experience, only in the Now you can live.
The most comfortable and satisfied you are with the place or state you find yourself in now, the most gratifying your life becomes and your future turns into an adventure in which you decide the fate and the plot.

If you are not satisfied with the place where you find yourself, with your current situation, think: what’s missing?, what can you do about it?, how can you do it?, and most importantly: when do you want to start doing it?. If you are able to reason about these questions, and their respective answers, then you are ready to lead a radical change in your life and begin to experience the joy of living a life where you have full control.

Now that you know where you are today, ¿where will you be tomorrow?