19 Dec 2009

A little Nudge!

Dear friends,

Welcome once again to our Light Planet, where we renew ourselves, we disconnect from the noisy world of Planet Earth, and we reconnect with ourselves.

I have the feeling that you already know what the subject of our discussion today will be. Because we are all conscious of what is around us, particularly of that which we want to make or get. We know the world does not work in an ideal way, that out there people battle every day, they fight to survive, to be alive one more day, to see the light of the sun once more, some even battle to have something to feed their kids, and many others do it to make their dreams come true.

The battles are many and we are not outside this reality. We all have battles, we all dream about something, we all want to get somewhere someday, we all want to create. And even though we know the tools are at our hand’s reach -call them: ability to dream, feel the desire, feel the passion, and act to materialize-, in many cases we lack determination, or the final “little nudge” to help us reach what we are after.

We have already heard that determination is easily obtained when we trust ourselves, in who we are and in our own capacities, but beyond that, if we look into the simplicity of things, we will see that such determination is nothing more than a choice. In the end, it all comes down to give or not the step ahead that’s missing, to go and do that which may, (or may not) lead us to accomplish the goal.

Let’s be more adventurous, let’s take the missing step ahead, let’s go beyond our limits, let’s get out of our ‘comfort zone’, even if just for the sake of experiencing what the outcome is and see how far we can go. And if by doing this we are also able to accomplish more than one of those wishes we have been keeping on the ‘pending’ list because we lacked such nudge of courage and boldness; Even Better!

So…Are you up for it?

18 Oct 2009

Where are you now?

Hello my dear friends, we find each other here once more, in this safe space, which we have created together.

The world outside keeps on spinning, the sun and the moon still visit us daily, impressing us with their splendor and light. But, where are we today?

I think, and feel that it is important to ask this question today. Where are we?, where are YOU?, living a life you have chosen and created for yourself, or living a life where everybody around you is more responsible for your own life than you?

Are you in a life where you are in control and decide your own course, or in a life where you are just a follower of the majority, even if that means going against your wishes and principles?

It is necessary to know where you are now, for only in the Now you can decide, only in the Now you can experience, only in the Now you can live.
The most comfortable and satisfied you are with the place or state you find yourself in now, the most gratifying your life becomes and your future turns into an adventure in which you decide the fate and the plot.

If you are not satisfied with the place where you find yourself, with your current situation, think: what’s missing?, what can you do about it?, how can you do it?, and most importantly: when do you want to start doing it?. If you are able to reason about these questions, and their respective answers, then you are ready to lead a radical change in your life and begin to experience the joy of living a life where you have full control.

Now that you know where you are today, ¿where will you be tomorrow?

7 Aug 2009

In the Face of Change

Hello my dear friends, it has been a while since our last meeting here and I hope you all have had a good time, living the lives you have chosen to live and which you create every morning, every hour, every minute, and even every second.

Change oh Change. It’s everywhere, we can deny it, we can’t ignore it, we can’t pretend its not there. It’s in the news, it’s at work, it’s amongst your friends and family, it’s at home and more than anything, within you and your life.

Everything is changing at a rapid pace whether we see it, like it, appreciate it or not.Now, change is constant, stable and necessary, most people consider it positive too but, do we really know how to handle it? I thought we could talk about this on this occasion.

We know that change is the only thing that is certain apart from death, we know it and still we fear it tremendously. In the face of change we go through what I call this little “amnesia” phase, where we completely forget who we truly are, what we have accomplished, how loved and supported by our loved ones we are, and we suddenly become this helpless, fearful, clumsy and lonely, tiny little person, who feels totally lost.

Uncertainty and anxiety take over and we no longer know how to handle things. We start looking for information, guidance and direction almost everywhere, we think of every possible person who can help shine a light in our doubts and concerns, people with whom you haven’t spoken to for years, even some stranger would do.

We look everywhere, everywhere but within ourselves. For is only you who truly knows all the variables, all the fears, all the desires, all the pros, all the contras, all the tools, all the doubts…who could possibly judge better? There is nothing wrong in looking for opinions, especially from the people who care about you the most, but you must know my friend, they won’t solve it for you and ultimately; they simply can’t.

So what do we do? We go back to what we already know: TRUST.
You know it, I know it; you must trust yourself. If you truly are the creator of your own life, if its you who has made every choice in your life, then you are the one responsible for creating this chance, this opportunity, for what is change if not an extra way on your road, one that offers a new road, with new possibilities and new findings. You can always choose not to follow this road and continue on the same path, it’s all about choices and what to do is totally up to you. If change knocks on your door, it’s probably the right time for you to consider a change, but in the end you and only you decide whether you are really ready to take it or not.

We can decide to waste time and energy worrying about it, or we can invest it on checking the possibilities. We can escape from it doing whatever we want to do, hoping it will go away, or we can face it and truly look inside ourselves searching for directions, searching for something that rings true, looking for the reasons that brought this change in front of our door.

Measure your options; look at your possibilities; get opinions if you will, but above all: make sure you ask and truly listen to the one person whose opinion really matter: YOU.
For no one else can live your life, for no one else can make your choices, for no one else can replace you.

Good luck with handling the changes that knock on your door.

Big hugs to all of you.

25 May 2009

Anxiety and Crisis...

Dear friends, welcome once more!

I know this is not new, we see it on the TV, we hear it on the Radio, we read it on the papers: “This is a hard time”, “We are in recession”, “We are going through a Crisis”, there are different ways to write it, but the message relayed is the same, it is everywhere, doesn’t matter how hard we try to ignore it.

Are you already feeling the anxiety taking over, every time more frequently? It would surprise you to know the big amount of people feeling extremely anxious, feeling confused and lost, and this message, the one that follows us everywhere, only helps feed this uncertainty creating within us a kind of anxiety we had never experienced before.

I watch people and listen to them wondering for how long they will remain in their jobs, whether they will be able to pursue the career they dream of, whether they will be able to afford the school they want their kids to study at, and others wonder whether the life they lead now is still the life they WANT to lead, or if they should make changes…there is a big deal of confusion and uncertainty, and even though most people think they are alone on this, the truth is that more and more of people share this feeling.

As I ponder this I wonder; where is the self-esteem, the trust, the faith?, since when our lives’ destiny depends on the headlines and the ups and downs of the banks?, aren’t we all unique beings, with our own special qualities and talents, who stand in our own feet and everyday decide how we are going to live our lives? I have come to the conclusion that the trust in ourselves is the answer. Self trust is the only solution to beat this anxiety.

When you trust yourself, there is no room for doubts, you know you are doing the right thing, in the right place, at the right time, you know that you are a unique being and that you are here, living this experience, because of your own decision, and that you and only you are responsible for your life, for every decision, for every thought, for every word and for every step you take, and therefore; you and only you are able to decide what you want to experience, and more importantly: HOW you want to experience it.

How do you choose to experience this phase of your life? The times we are living in are different, chaotic for some, exciting for others, how do YOU choose to live this?, do you choose to be part of the side where everyone has agreed that this is a big crisis, difficult and tough, and so they are willing to suffer?, or do you choose to be part of the other side (the less crowded one), who believe these times are just the beginning of the change the world needs to re-start and create new and better ways, new and better systems, and new opportunities?

We can open the door to anxiety and allow it to be our guest, to control and limit us, or we can trust ourselves, trust that we are exactly where we need to be, trust that we are not leading ourselves astray and we can choose to turn every single day into a new personal adventure so we can rediscover the things that, up until today, we have been taking for granted. At the same time, we can look around, look at the people we care about and see how many of them are living with anxiety as their guest, surely they are more than what we now think. And we must not forget that the best way to help them, is by being standards, by setting the example in our own lives, showing them with acts that it is indeed possible to live in these times with a smile upon our faces. Love yourself, take good care of yourself, be patient and tolerant with YOU, and trust yourself, for nobody else will do this for you, and just by being at peace with oneself can one be a standard, an example and a beacon of light for those around.

I leave you with this small reflexion and I send each an every one of you a BIG hug!

May the light always shine upon you to illuminate your path!

12 Apr 2009

A Memory Exercise

Hello my dear friends, residents of The Light Planet. I hope that you are all well and full of joy, enjoying your lives.

Today, while talking to a dear friend of mine -also an occasional resident of this planet-, I became aware of the huge amount of energy and time that we all spend criticizing ourselves, preaching and punishing ourselves because we feel we are not “good enough” and that we are not accomplishing or obtaining all that we wish for ourselves. But, How much time and energy do we spend congratulating ourselves, giving us a gift, or a nice pat on the back saying “well done”?

Why are we so good at criticizing ourselves, but when we do something right we merely accept it and soon we forget it?

I really believe that we should all do a memory exercise here, by looking back at your life 10 or 5 years ago, look at what your dreams were then, look at the things you wanted to accomplish or obtain, look at your hopes… I bet that you actually accomplished or obtained most, if not all, of the things you wanted then, which are now part of your present life. So, How many times do you remember this and you congratulate yourself for it?

Of course, I understand, perhaps all of that which you once wanted, is no longer what you currently want, but then; why punish or push yourself for not having NOW that which you NOW want?, why not simply trust that you are currently working to SOON obtain that which you want NOW?. If this little Memory Exercise proofs that you have actually obtained or accomplish some or most of that which you wanted at some point, what makes you think that you shall not continue accomplishing and obtaining anything you may want for yourself?, why should it be different now?, why don’t you just trust yourself?

Give yourself time, and please do give yourself a bit more credit my friend!

When facts prove effectiveness, you must trust that the results will continue being effective.


With this, I would like to invite you all to do this little Memory Exercise, to congratulate yourselves more, to be more caring, more loving, more patient and more compassionate with YOU.

2 Apr 2009

Autumn Tree Leaves

Good day!
How are you? I hope its all well.

Here, at the southern hemisphere, we are starting to feel the arrival of the autumn, mornings are cloudier, the nights are cooler, the leaves of the trees are losing their green, and changing to a brown colour instead. Soon those leaves will depart from this life, to adorn beautifully our landscapes and open the door for the winter to come. In other words, we know those leaves will die, but the truth is that they are just closing a cycle, giving the next step, because life flows, everlastingly so, just as it should be.

This has got me thinking about all the things that die within us when summer is over. For many, the autumn and winter are sad seasons, during which they allow themselves to fall into deep depressions, for others these are periods of introspection, to spend more time at home or with their loved ones, and yet for others, this is simply another season, a new landscape to enjoy and experience in life.

If you could choose which “leaves” shall die from you “tree” during this autumn, to open the way to new branches from which new leaves shall be born; new talents; new dreams; new goals; new hopes; which “leaves” would you choose? Perhaps the fear to the new, or sad memories from the past, maybe those dark feelings for that one who made you suffer, the sadness you keep for those things you never got or achieved, or maybe to let go of those things/people you lost…I believe that, as the big, unique and beautiful trees we all are, we have way too many leaves, and perhaps this is the perfect timing to get rid of some of them, as if we do this, we will be able to create new, more colourful, lighter and more loving leaves for spring.

With this, I want to invite you to open your windows, allow the breeze of change to blow while we select those leaves, which have been with us for so long, half dead and finally let them go. Lets allow the autumn breeze to push them loose and take them to decorate new landscapes for as long as they last, creating so the room within us to create new beautiful leaves to show in Spring.

A BIG hug to each and every one of you, and tons of light to illuminate your path!

15 Mar 2009

What is your Passion?

Hello again! Welcome once more to The Light Planet, this safe and quiet place that has been created for you, to take a break from your daily life whenever you need it, a place where you can rest and be enfold in energy and light.

Surely you have hear many times about “Passion”, in fact the word is used quite often, sometimes within a romantic context, others within a life story context, motivations, and even sometimes Passion is referred to as a goal, a destination.

This time I would like us to talk about Passion as we would of a fire that lightens our spirit, as the fuel that activates the motors of our imagination, giving wings to our creativity to soar up high and guide our actions, so we can create the necessary conditions to lead the life we want.

I feel particularly curious today, and I would like to know; What is your Passion?, Do you have more than one? How does your Passion look like?, What does it move within you?, Which decisions have you made guided by a passion or soul desire?

We all have Passions, some are more “Passionate” than others, or perhaps they just pay more attention to their feelings and desires, but eventually, we all have at least one Passion.

Passion can be, for some, that strength that comes out of nowhere, and makes us discuss a point of view rather heatedly, or inspires us to run a couple more miles when we are exhausted, to fight for an idea, a dream, to passionately battle for a beloved one, to create the perfect solution out of nowhere when everything seemed lost. To identify that which awakens our Passion, is to identify our Passion.

When we awaken our Passion, when we do something with Passion, we instinctively put the best of ourselves to work, we feel joyful, with our chest full of extra air, our heart suddenly feels bigger, no obstacle is big enough, no excuse is good enough, there is no reason that can stop us. When we “turn-on” Passion, we see no limits, there is nothing we can not do, nothing is missing, everything just seems to be enough, to adjust itself perfectly, and the satisfaction we experience when we are done, it’s indescribable, we can’t put it into words, it is more like a feeling, an emotion that enfolds us and lightens our aura.

Try to recall a moment where you have felt this way, breath deeply and try to go into that moment, visit it, re-live it, feel it…what was it about that moment that awoke you Passion then?.
Ahhh haaa…. There you go, you have found a Passion! Is that it, or are there more? Visit each and every moment you can remember and take note of each one in order to identify what situations, ideas, thoughts and feelings have motivated your Passion each time.

Use this knowledge from now on, to look for your Passions in your life, in your NOW moment, search those Passions, follow them, then create moments that include your Passions and soon you will see that everything you do becomes more pleasurable, lighter, clearer, more interesting, happier and funnier. Then you will be creating the life you want, with the experiences you want to live, creating situations where you will attrack to you the people you have been looking for, living and feeling that which you desire.

Look for your Passion, reach out, catch it….and don’t lose it!!!

Big hugs and until next time!

1 Feb 2009

Under the Tree

Hello Light Planet residents!
I hope you are all fine, enjoying your time here and living fully.

I would like to share with you a message I found, which speaks about "Love", "Trust" and "Faith". I've recently discovered that these 3 words hold the key for a better life for all of us.

The main kind of love we ought to hold is "Self-Love", for with this comes "respect" and "self-confidence". Who can love you, who can respect you, who can trust you, if you dont love, respect and trust yourself first?

Trusting ourselves comes from acknowledging who we truly are; wonderful beings, wise souls in an earthly journey. Miraculous creations in an adventure of learning and discovering, completely loved and supported by the Source of All that Is.

And Faith, what is Faith? Isn’t it just the certainty of the existence of something we can not see or touch?

So my point here is, if we love & trust ourselves, and we have faith, we know that there is no way things can go "wrong", there just isn’t wrong or right, if we do trust ourselves we know we are always in the right place at the right time. Whatever we experience is meant to teach us something, everything is always "mean to be" and when we have faith we know that if we ever need something, we will get it one way or another, because we believe that our Higher Self is already taking care of it.

Now, all of this is very well if you are well-centred within yourself. Many of you may wonder "are you telling me this or that problem I am having right now is meant to be?", "are you saying that this pain I am going through is alright?" Well, going back to the trusting part, if you know who you truly are, you should be able to find the answers to these questions inside yourself, we all have an inner guide who is always more than open and ready to show us the way, to answer our questions and to guide us, we just need to learn to listen. If you have experience with Meditation then it should be easy, go within yourself, ask and then just listen. If you do not have experience with Meditation, you can always try to find a quiet and comfortable spot, do some breathing, knowing that you are about to get in touch with yourself, so its a sacred and wonderful meeting which is about to take place, honour yourself, ask and listen.

Ok, now the message I said I wanted to share:

"Today, stand under a spreading tree and breathe in the oxygen that it provides you. Reach up and take the golden pear in your hand and bite in. Let the sweet juice of life run down your chin. Look out across the beauty of the world and know that you can establish a relationship with the universe that is just like this, like standing under a tree that provides everything you need, with ease and comfort, and with beauty as well. Know that this flowing abundance is a state of mind that you can create. It is not the acquiring of wealth for imagined security, for the security of the flowing spiritual abundance of the universe is the security of faith. When you know, absolutely, that the tree will give you air to breathe, that the fruit will ripen and fall when you need it to, and that the river of love will run endlessly through your life, there is no need to protect yourself further. This depth of faith is its own protection.

And all of this is a relationship with life and the universe that you create. It is entirely up to you. It is a state of grace that you reach by replacing doubt and fear with love and faith - over and over, day after day - until finally, faith and love come more naturally to you than any other emotion or state of mind. When you establish a deep connection with faith and love, abundance flows as a consequence. It is not something to be sought separately or directly. It is a consequence of your close connection with love and faith every moment of every day. When you have this, when you walk through life with the crown of your head open to the golden flowing energy of your higher self, when your heart is soft and warm with love and when all of your actions are driven by a deep faith and sense of peace and rightness inside, then the opportunities will always come to allow you to move forward into the next phase of your life. And when you walk in this state of grace, the next phase is always more glorious than the last. Still full of challenges, of course, for you are growing and learning. Still full of so-called mistakes, for these are merely the stepping stones of experience and learning. And each stepping stone can take you higher and wider, each can expand who you are and what you accomplish, if you will but continue, full of faith and full of love. And one day, as you are looking at your life and all of the wonderful things you have accomplished and are still accomplishing, you will realize that what you needed was always right there, under that spreading tree, even though you may not have recognized it fully at the time. (Quado) - www.quado.com"

I hope we all start, from this moment on, to look back at our lives, analyze all the wonderful things we've done and realize that the help was always there, maybe a helping hand, a good advise, a pat on the back, the right smile, etc.

May you all have a wonderful week!

Stay under the light, vibrate and breath!

27 Jan 2009

Welcome to The Light Planet!

We are very pleased to have you here! If you got here means that you have said "NO" to Misery, Pain, Troubles, Headaches, Deceptions....and want a fresh new start.

Let me tell you that this planet has lots of space, the weather here is wonderful as well, always sunny, low humidity, plenty of land, fresh air, water supply and food, and the best thing is, you can stay for as long as you want, and if for any reason you have to leave, don't worry! You are always welcome back and your "hut" here will always be reserved especially for you.

All Huts have the view of your preference, we have mountains, rainforest, valleys, deserts, beaches, a lake district, a beautiful city and lots of parks and vegetation. So please feel free to choose.

During your stay, whether is a couple of minutes, or a lifetime, you will be provided with all the light you need in order to stay well centered, healthy, and happy. The light supply here is unlimited, and as light is also energy, soon you will learn to use it in order to create whatever you need to make your life more enjoyable.

And yes!...you can invite your friends and family, there is room for everyone!

Once again, WELCOME, may you have a wonderful time here!

Lots of light!!!