19 Dec 2009

A little Nudge!

Dear friends,

Welcome once again to our Light Planet, where we renew ourselves, we disconnect from the noisy world of Planet Earth, and we reconnect with ourselves.

I have the feeling that you already know what the subject of our discussion today will be. Because we are all conscious of what is around us, particularly of that which we want to make or get. We know the world does not work in an ideal way, that out there people battle every day, they fight to survive, to be alive one more day, to see the light of the sun once more, some even battle to have something to feed their kids, and many others do it to make their dreams come true.

The battles are many and we are not outside this reality. We all have battles, we all dream about something, we all want to get somewhere someday, we all want to create. And even though we know the tools are at our hand’s reach -call them: ability to dream, feel the desire, feel the passion, and act to materialize-, in many cases we lack determination, or the final “little nudge” to help us reach what we are after.

We have already heard that determination is easily obtained when we trust ourselves, in who we are and in our own capacities, but beyond that, if we look into the simplicity of things, we will see that such determination is nothing more than a choice. In the end, it all comes down to give or not the step ahead that’s missing, to go and do that which may, (or may not) lead us to accomplish the goal.

Let’s be more adventurous, let’s take the missing step ahead, let’s go beyond our limits, let’s get out of our ‘comfort zone’, even if just for the sake of experiencing what the outcome is and see how far we can go. And if by doing this we are also able to accomplish more than one of those wishes we have been keeping on the ‘pending’ list because we lacked such nudge of courage and boldness; Even Better!

So…Are you up for it?